Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Borotin school

Dear family from around the world,

The autumn term for 2015 in Borotin will start on the 19th of September. We still have places available for children, and aunties as well!

Also for this term there is a possibility for some mothers to stay with their children during the term (being a bedroom auntie or helping out in the kitchen/cleaning). Please contact us for details.

If you are interested to send your child, write to us at: borotin@nirmala.cz.

Enjoy this short video for the upcoming term: https://vimeo.com/134384715 (password: love)
Jai Shri Mataji and thank you for warm words below…

Dear family,

We wanted to write to you and share a little more about the Sahaj kindergarten in Borotin. Along with a few other parents here in the UK we’ve sent our older son Virat, who attended the school earlier this year and will go again for the upcoming autumn term from September. The school is a beautiful location, with vibrations and ample facilities for many children. The Sahaja Yogis who teach, volunteer and run it are especially dedicated and committed in every way. A few additional details are attached below.

It’s an amazing blessing to have such a place and such an opportunity to help nurture our little ones and allow them to learn and grow in innocence and with confidence. The school has been slowly growing and maturing since it began after taking the blessings and approval to open from Shri Mataji in 2002.

Sahaj schools like Borotin exist by the grace of Shri Mataji, and by our commitment to them, for the benefit of our children, our families and our sangha. Our children are the children of Shri Mataji, and their growth is part and parcel of all our growth. In the past many children from the UK have attended and enjoyed their time very much in Borotin and other Sahaj schools. The UK Sahaj sangha has often given active and firm support.

Over recent years many of the same schools have also faced challenges. Please take a few moments to consider how you can also help any of our Sahaj schools to be supported and to succeed. Shri Mataji encouraged the establishment of these schools and empowered us to support them.

Jai Shri Mataji!

Sending all our love,
Gautama and Agne

Some testimonials from UK yogis about the school in Borotin

"My son Joseph has been there for two terms and the care and attention he was given was quite remarkable and the transformation in his vibrations and general well being and happiness was truly staggering.  Not to mention his fountain of sahaj knowledge and enthusiasm to meditate. Well done Borotin!”
– Charlotte Baladi, London

"Our youngest daughter has just come back from her 1st term at Borotin.  We were last there 5 years ago with Uma - and nothing has changed.  It's still the sweetest most caring environment imaginable for little children.  It still feels like a magic place, that has been so sweetly and lovingly prepared for them. The staff are still so gentle and warm.  And like her sisters before her, our little one has come back so cheerful and happy, so balanced and settled in herself.”
 – Jamie Maitland Hume, Edinburgh

"When I ask my kids where they had the best time ever it is always Borotin!"
– Sia Reddy, Maidenhead

"Now we are facing little children. They are the ones who are incarnations. They are the ones who are going to lead humanity into some great advancement – the humanity has to be looked after. They are tomorrow’s humanity. And we are today’s. What are we giving to them for them to follow? What is their aim in life? Very, very difficult to say. But with the Sahaja Yoga they will all go in the proper way, they will behave in a proper way and the whole thing will be a different mass of Sahaja Yogis coming up."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,
Cabella, 13 September 2003

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