Monday, 6 May 2019

National Meditation hosted by the DEVI school - Saturday May 18th 8:30am Eastern Time / 5:30am Pacific Time

Dearest Collective,

This is an invitation to come together in meditation and put collective attention on North American and World issues and do bandhans collectively. The broadcast will be from DEVI school in Canada.

There will be National Meditation for the whole of North America (USA, Mexico and Canada) on Saturday, May 18th at 8:30 am EST (6:30 am MST/5:30 am PST) for 1h 30min. 

For the Webcast - 
Connect at (forwards to ).
Go to this URL and click on Join button to participate in the Webcast.

We will have collective guided meditation, listen to Shri Mataji's talk and 
then do collective bandhans, just as we did in the past.

this is great chance for us to help it with our collective attention as Shri Mataji asked us to do. For the Americas and the World "anything which is bothersome subject .. or destructive for the humanity". We are only getting a few of those and we would like more so that our attention is effective. Also once the issue was already offered please don't resubmit it multiple times in short course of time, it is best to patiently surrender and allow Divine Power to work it out. Please submit your suggestions for bandhans using this google form:

much love,
National Meditation Team

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